Wholesale Handmade Shampoo Bar and Conditioner Soap 36 pieces

by Green Apple Soap Garden
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The wholesale pack include our best selling 36 pieces natural handmade shampoo bar and conditioner bar + free local (Singapore) delivery. Each handmade soap is hand craft in Australia and USA with finest quality ingredients, appropriately 60 to 100gram per shampoo bar, and 40gram per conditioner bar.

The soap bar range include all of following scents:
  • Herbal Head Shampoo Bar, made in Australia
  • Shampoo Bar, made in Australia
  • Shampoo Bar Lavender, made in  USA
  • Shampoo Bar Argan Oil, made in  USA
  • Conditioner Bar Lavender, made in USA
  • Conditioner Bar Argan Oil, made in  USA
  • If you prefer certain scents, kindly specify in the checkout note or drop us an email with your order number.

    We do our best to deliver the wholesale pack in 5 business days, in the event special request scent is out of stock or insufficient stock, we will inform you for replacement or extend the delivery time.

    ** Pet soap will only include in the package upon request


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