Pet Soap, 100gram

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Synthetic development of dog shampoo create creamy texture with good foam. However, the parabens, sulfates, preservatives and ethanolamines contain in most of dog shampoos can cause your dog carcinogenic, reproductive toxicity, developmental toxicity, and organ system toxicity.

Protect your dog away from chemical ingredients, try the natural handmade dog wash bar. A very mild soap containing lavender essential oil & Aloe Vera gel. Thoroughly cleans and conditions both the coat and skin, without harsh chemicals. This soap is natural repel for fleas & ticks.

NO Preservatives! NO Animal Products! NO Petroleum Products! NO Parabens! NO Lauryl Sulfate! NO MEA, DEA, and TEA (ethanolamines)

 Soapmaking method: Cold Process


Sustainable Sunflower, Coconut, Soy bean, Vegetable, Rice bran and Castor oils, Lye, Lavender Essential oil, Aloe Vera & Cosmetic grade colours.

100gram, Made in Australia

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