Aroma Glycerin Soap Bar, 90gram

by Green Apple Soap Garden

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Our glycerin soaps are made and direct imported from UK, come with strong & unique aroma scents:

  • Bubblegum>> The Bubblegum Soap is always a favourite, it has an eye catching design with the fresh, sweet fragrance of bubblegum... This soap has an opaque blue base with baby pink chunks floating within it.
  • Seakay Scented>> This is a stunning soap and is always popular.  It has a fresh, aftershave scented fragrance perfect for your male customers.   The Soap is a blue translucent base with white opaque soap chunks.  This is a fragrance which natually darkens over time and so your soap will darken to a deep rich navy blue.
  • Baby Powder Scented>> This is one of our absolute favourites it smells so fresh and clean, the soap is a gorgeous triple layer in pale pink, lemon and pale blue.
  • Raspberry Scented>> The Raspberry Soap is a delicious fruity scented Loaf, it is pretty and colourful with a fresh scent. This soap slice has a translucent rich red base with a bright white swirl running throughout each slice.
  • Rhubarb and Custard Scented>> We love this soap!  It is a yellow soap with bright pink chunks and it smells amazing!
  • Princess>> We love this!  The Princess Bath bomb has been a huge hit and the princess soap we are sure will be the same, this pretty pale pink soap is fragranced with our princess fragrance which has similar notes to Jimmy Choo Perfume.
  • Cherry Scented>> Very Cherry is a fresh and fruity scented soap. The soap base a red translucent base with a light pink swirl running through each slice.
  • Lemon Poppy Seed>> A sweet, fruity fragranced soap, Sherbet Lemon is perfect for waking yourself up! This soap has a transparent bright yellow base mix with poppy seed

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