American Mad Hops Beer Soap (Citrus & Oatmeal Flavor) 110gram

by Green Apple Soap Garden

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This is an excellent soap made with American local craft Mad Hops beer and citrus essential oil with exfoliating oats. During the soap making process, the alcohol evaporate remain the natural properties which contain amino acids, selenium, glutatione and Vitamin B giving natural glow to the skin, keeping skin soft and young. Beer is also a natural face cleanser, balance the the skin's pH, brightens the skin as well reduces the acne and pimples.

A soap good for Eczema, Skin Irritation, Red Skin, Dry skin, Frizzy hair, Acne, With oat exfoliant, the soap helps to remove dead skin cells and increase luminosity.

Contain Orange essential oils, which is an anti-aging and reparative properties for all skin types. Helps to reduce wrinkles and dark spots and to encourage collagen production, leaves the skin rejuvenated, radiant and refreshed.

Most suitable for Normal, Oily, Sensitive, Dry, Combination, psoriasis, acne, eczema, Aging skin types/problems

Soap making method: Cold Process

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Mad Hops Wheat Ale (Beer), Orange Essential Oil, Oatmeal.

Hand Made in USA

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