Handmade Soap and Its Ingredients

Handmade Soap and Its Ingredients

If you have heard of handmade soaps before, you would know that they are actually very different from commercial soaps. From texture to effectiveness and scent to more natural colors, they are different in every imaginable way. Unlike commercial soaps which are nothing but a bar of detergent comprising of harmful chemicals, handmade soaps are fabricated from healthy and skin-friendly ingredients.

How these handmade soaps are different from commercial soaps?
Commercial soaps are made from harmful chemicals and synthetic additives; glycerin, which absorbs water from the air to moisture the skin, was removed from commercial soaps for high profits and richer lather; these will strip the skin of the natural fatty acids and oils, inhibit the natural moisturizing factors of the skin, eventually will cause the skin dry, irritated or skin disease. In contract, the handmade soaps are made from eco-friendly, natural ingredients. The ingredients goodness retains after the soap making process to make your bathing experience more natural and free of chemicals.

Types of handmade soap:
Cold Process (Glycerin) soap:
The handcrafted soaps are making with mixed of oils with alkali (Lye/ Sodium Hydroxide). During the chemical process (saponification), the oil and alkali become the soap bar, all the natural ingredients goodness retains, and natural hygroscopic glycerin was produced, which helps help moisturize skin, fight for skin inflammation and maintain skin's PH level.

Melt & Pour Soap:
This is the quickest method, ready-made bases are melted and poured into molds for crafting elegant and unique shapes.

What ingredients are used in handmade soaps?
Before you decide to buy a handmade soap, it is significant to know all the different types available. They are made from various types of ingredients according to your personal preference and are worth trying out.

Honey Soaps:
Honey made soaps are incredibly creamy and long lasting. The natural sweetness and medicinal properties of honey are extremely beneficial for your skin. They effectively soften the skin whilst also eliminating dirt and germs off the open pores.

Essential Oil Soap:
Handmade soaps made from essential oils are the most popular and among the favorites of numerous people. They are fabricated from various recipes using certain oils which are all gentle and harmless to our skin. These soaps are extremely good when it comes to bring that natural glow on your skin.

Goat-milk Soaps:
These amazing soaps are made with highly nutritious goat milk which is controlled and monitored at the right temperature. Goat milk is superbly rich in alpha-hydroxy acids that make them immensely efficient and rich in anti-aging properties. They are also good for acne and people with dry skin.

So, give your skin the much-wanted nutrition and enhanced glow with handmade soaps!

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